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City Alumni

About City Alumni

City Alumni

What is it? City Alumni is an initiative devoted to unify people scattered around the country or even the globe but who come from the same city, town, village or region and are joining together to contribute to the welfare and prosperity of their hometown. City Alumni is established to help to build strong communities by inspiring connection and communication between local people and those who left their hometown but are not indifferent to it and aspire to „give-back“ to the community. City Alumni aims to bring people together, socialize and spark action for better livelihood in the areas they’ve grown up.A 16851

Who can join? City Alumni welcomes people who consider themselves as active, enthusiastic and positive thinkers. We invite those who not only love their hometown but would also enjoy to contribute to the prosperity of it.

How can I join? First step towards becoming a part of City Alumni is just to register by filling in registration form. Then you will be allocated to your town’s social network. Here you will meet and act together with people who come from the same hometown as you. Just be active, participate and create!

How it works? Alumni register online and join social network grouped by cities, towns, villages. The online hangouts are oragnised to get to know each other, first discussions, projects and activities for their hometowns are launched. So get to know your town Alumni and decide upon your actions all together! Both online and face-to-face communication is encouraged. This initiative is dedicated to stimulate regional development.

What can I do? Consider City Alumni as a bus: if right people gather, then you will agree on the best route and your destination together. In fact, City Alumni social network is your bus, which brings together active society members, but the members themselves are responsible for their achievements. However, we will definitely share with you experiences and success stories of other Alumni clubs. That is why, feel free to implement your ideas but also be sure to include and bring together others.

How much does it cost? Don‘t worry, City Alumni is absolutely free of charge. Join, create and act!



City Alumni encourages people who come from different hometowns to remember their roots and join City Alunmi social platform.
City Alumni clubs are already present in:

1. Alanta;

2. Alytus;

3. Anykščiai;

4. Daugai;

5. Dieveniškės;

6. Druskininkai;

7. Gargždai;

8. Ignalina;

9. Jonava;

10. Joniškėlis;

11. Joniškis;

12. Juodaičiai;

13. Jurbarkas;

14. Kaunas;

15. Kėdainiai;

16. Kintai;

17. Kybartai;

18. Klaipėda;

19. Kretinga;

20. Kupiškis;

21. Lazdijai;

22. Marijampolė;

23. Mažeikiai;

24. Musninkai;

25. Pabradė;

26. Pakruojis;

27. Palanga;

28. Panevėžys;

29. Plungė;

30. Prienai;

31. Radviliškis;

32. Ramygala;

33. Raseiniai;

34. Raudondvaris;

35. Rokiškis;

36. Salakas;

37. Seirijai;

38. Skuodas;

39. Šiauliai;

40. Šakiai;

41. Šalčininkai;

42. Šilalė;

43. Šilutė;

44. Tauragė;

45. Telšiai;

46. Trakai;

47. Utena;

48. Užpaliai;

49. Vilkaviškis;

50. Vilnius;

51. Zarasai;




City Alumni kindly invites to join this initiative those who care about their hometown. We are united by global thinking, positivity, energy and strong willingness to act. We are united by an immense desire to get acquinted with a lot of exciting people and implement a change. We care about our towns. We are glad to contribute our thoughts, ideas and particular activties. We would love to share our contacts, advice, ideas and expertise.

Each Alumni member can choose the club which he want to belong to. You can also contribute to the development of City Alumni concept.

There are several membership types:

  • Member – Alumni club member, who has an opportunity to belong to the club and act inside of it.
  • Patron – a high achiever and well known society member, who expresses strong support for local Alumni Club, inspires and motivates City Alumni club.
  • Ambassador – a person who keeps the ball rolling. It’s a person who manages to bring people together, provides help and sparks action.
  • Organizer – it’s a person who contributes to the development and coordination of the City Alumni initiative in general.



We are aware and proud of success stories of individuals, who come from small towns and manage to become high achievers, experts and professionals. Usually, these individuals choose to live in a city so that they could build their careers. We have met a huge number of successful Lithuanians living all over the world, who are willing to contribute to their hometowns. That is why, we seek to bring together successful individuals, who are driven to find a common ground with local communities and help them grow.



Each person willing to join Ciity Alumni club is very welcome. We also seek to attract true professionals and well known individuals, who would be a proof that success does not depend on the place, where you were born. It actually depends on your abilities, hard work and desire to succeed. Take into consideration, that being a patrons is not only a sign of recognition but also a huge responsibility.
Become a patron of your hometown City Alumni club. Contact us via email info@cityalumni.lt.




City Alumni initiative is organized by World Economic Forum Global Shapers Vilnius HUB. Established by World Economic Forum, the Global Shapers community is a network of hubs found and led by young people who are exceptional in their potential, their achievements and their drive to make a contribution to their communities.

Global Shapers undertake activities that generate a positive impact by increasing each individual Shaper’s ability to improve the state of their community and by providing opportunities for Shapers to have local and global impact.

Global Shapers Community enables youth to be a voice for the future in local, regional and global thought processes and a catalyst of entrepreneurship in the global public interest.

So join us, if you are willing to inspire change.


We are greatly thankful to our sponsors:





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